Emigration Canyon Mayor & EID Operations Manager Joe Smolka


On January 1, 2017 the Emigration Canyon Metro Township obtained zoning authority from Salt Lake County through theCommunity Preservation Act.”

With the power of the pen, Metro Township Council Chairman and “EID Operations Manager” Joseph ( aka Joe) Smolka was appointed Emigration Canyon Mayor without a vote of Canyon residents.

Minutes - frozen water lines (Joe Smolka) Creamer - 4 inch pipe

EID Water Main Extending to Property Owned by “EID Advisory Committee Chairman” R. Steve Creamer Located North of Emigration Oaks Installed by “EID Operations Manager” and Emigration Canyon Mayor Joe Smolka:

EID – Emigration Canyon Hydrology Can Only Support 98 Units in Emigration Oaks Plus an Additional 185 Units (1996)

Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council – Canyon Buildout Limits Abolished – January 2017 (Joe Smolka, Jennifer Hawkes, David Brems, Rick Raile, Kathy Christensen)

EID Planned Future Development – 517 New Connections (Eric Hawkes)


Wildflower Reservoir Construction Project Manager Joe Smolka


2015-02-07 11-44


2015-02-07 09-07


Leaking Tank Smolka Con. Invoice