Defendant Emigration Canyon Mayor Joseph Smolka

– On January 1, 2017 the Emigration Canyon Metro Township obtained zoning authority from Salt Lake County through theCommunity Preservation Act.”

– With the power of the pen, Township Council Chairman and “EID Operations Manager” Joseph Smolka was appointed major of Emigration Canyon without a vote of Canyon residents.

Video – Emigration Canyon Metro Township Chairman Rick Raile and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams

EID – Emigration Canyon Hydrology Can Only Support 98 Units in Emigration Oaks Plus an Additional 185 Units (1996)

Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council – Canyon Buildout Limits Abolished – January 2017 (Joseph Smolka, Jennifer Hawkes, David Brems, Rick Raile, Kathy Christensen)

EID Planned Future Development – 517 New Connections (Eric Hawkes)