Introduction – Federal False Claims Act (“FCA”) Litigation (“Emigration Canyon Lawsuit”)

Following the Pivotal 

For the first time since the the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley over 170 years ago, it was reported in September 2018 that the Emigration Canyon Stream is completely depleted near the eastern boundary of the Utah State capital city less than 2 miles from Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

Emigration Improvement District’s (EID” aka ECID) own hydrologist Jack Barnett testified in December 1995 that it will “take decades — twenty, fifty, seventy-five years” for water treated in the luxurious Emigration Oaks development to recharge the Canyon Stream BUT then still promised water service to at least 229 domestic units.

As previously reported, the purpose of the FCA action is twofold: 

– to relieve Emigration Canyon taxpayers of $6.3 million dollars of federally-backed debt, which the Mayor of Emigration Canyon Joseph Smoka and Emigration Improvement District (“EID” AKA ECID)  allegedly conspired with land developers R. Steve Creamer, The Boyer Company L.C. and City Development Inc. to fraudulently acquire and then divert in order to build a “preposterously oversized” water system for the massive expansion of the Emigration Oaks PUD as well as over 500 new residential units at an estimated private profit of $547 million dollars;

– to recover monetary fines and penalties for the endangerment of public health and safety as wells as the destruction of habitat of a federally-protected species.