EID Trustee Brent Tippets

Refusal to Disclose Lead Testing – EID Trustee Meeting (June 11, 2020)

Email Correspondence from EID General Manager Eric Hawkes of Simplifi Company to EID Trustees Brent Tippets (July 6, 2020)

Lead Email


Engagement for Drilling the Upper Freeze Creek Well with EID Trustees Hughes and Bradford

Brent Tippets (page 1)


Water Quality Test Results for the Upper Freeze Creek Well

Upper Freeze Creek - Lead


Appointment to the “EID Advisory Committee” with R. Steve Creamer

Brent Tippets (page 2)


Refusal to Acknowledge EDI Advisory Committee Meetings with Land-Developer R. Steve Creamer and EID Trustee Brent Tippets (EID Trustee Meeting June 11, 2020)


Emigration Oaks PUD Prior to Transfer of Water System from The Boyer Company LC to EID 

Arial Photograph Prior to EID’s Receipt of Federally-Backed Funds Intended for “Economically Disadvantaged Communities”

Arial Photograph After to EID’s Receipt of Federally-Backed Funds Intended for “Economically Disadvantaged Communities”

Download ECCC Newsletter (November 2000)

Download EID Buildout Limit (1996)


Falsification of Public Records



Operating Permit


Onysko Notes (Boyer Well #2)