EID & Simplifi Company Legal Counsel – Jeremy R. Cook, Cohne Kinghorn P.C.




Use of Public Funds for Private Legal Expenses of the Simplifi Company


The ECHO-Association Ordered to “Shut up” During Public Hearing (2021 Public Budget Hearing Excerpt)


Refusal to Disclose Lead Testing – EID Trustee Meeting (June 11, 2020)


Email Correspondence from EID General Manager Eric Hawkes of Simplifi Company to EID Trustees and EID Legal Counsel Jeremey R. Cook (July 6, 2020)

Lead Email





Billing Statement from EID Legal Counsel to EID

(Regarding “DWD [sic] staff issues” Referenced Below see Onysko Memorandum dated October 18, 2002)


Kinghorn:Onysko Memo
Creamer:Kinghorn Meeting - Development


Certification of Bond Requirement Prior to the Receipt of Federally-Backed Funds

PKH - Bond Requirements



Email Correspondence to Emigration Canyon Resident Regarding “EID Executive Meeting” Conducted at the Law Office of Cohne Kinghorn P.C.


PKH - Email Response (1)