Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Contamination – EID Water System

Total Dissolved Solids Testing Results Recorded by the Utah Division of Drinking Water

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EID Trustees & Managers Michael Hughes, David Bradford, Mark Stevens, Fred Smolka and Eric Hawkes Community Letter (June 2014)

June EID letter copy

Download EID Consumer Contamination Report (2011)

Failure to Include the Contamination Footnote in the Drinking-Water Contamination Results (2011)

Contamination Footnote Included in the Drinking-Water Contamination Results (2014)

Download EID Consumer Confidence Report (2014)

1966 Utah State Engineer Report (Barnett Thesis

Barnett Thesis - TDS

Test Results of Private Well Located Approximately 6,500 ft. from the Upper Freeze Creek Well (September 2021)