Ground Collapse and Fissures in the Emigration Oaks PUD (Freeze Creek Drainage Area)


Aerial and Ground Recording of Emigration Oaks PUD near Lots Nr. 199, 171, 178, 180, 182 and 184 (YouTube)



Ground Subsidence – Red Hill Lane (April 2019)


Ground Collapse – Near Intersection of Pioneer Ridge Road & Pioneer Ridge Circle (June 2019)

2000 Study – EID Hydrologist Don Barnett the Chairman of Weber State University Department of Geology W. Adolf Yonkee


Download 2000 Barnett-Yonkee Study (Google Drive) – 


Utah State Engineer Hearing – Barnett Testimony (December 15, 1995)

Hearing PP slide



1966 Thesis –  Utah State Division of Water Rights Area Manager for Emigration Canyon Jack Arnold Barnett

– Download 1966 Barnett Thesis (Google Drive) – 


Artesian Pressure Main Canyon (1966)


Barnett - Stream Gain


EID Chairman Michael Scott Hughes on Lowering the Water Table and Dry Wells in Emigration Canyon: