EID Public Denials of Future Planned Development in Emigration Canyon

In response to the overwhelming public opposition to the development of a Gun Range and Wedding Resort in Emigration Canyon by the Butler Crockett & Walsh Development Corp., EID trustees Brent TippetsMichael Scott Hughes, and David Bradford issued the following official statement:

As the same aforementioned EID trustees personally requested approval of the Utah State Engineer for the construction of a large-diameter commercial well on proposed resort property without public notice and hearing in possible violation of the Utah Open Meetings law, we find the assertion of “zero communication” or lack of positive knowledge of the development plans of the Butler Crockett & Walsh Development Corp untenable and in fact contradicted by the disclosures of Gary Bowen during the public meeting of the Emigration Canyon Community Council on November 13, 2018 as well as EID’s own trustee meeting minutes: